Short Term

Life Insurance Audit

Many people have purchased life insurance at different points in their life. Many times these policies were purchased from different companies and different agents. We often find outdated beneficiary and even ownership designations. Let us help!  We will summarize your policies and leave you with one easy to reference summary.

Protect those you love. Get a fast, no obligation quote for long term or short term individual health insurance today.

Health Insurance 

Confused by all of the ACA rules and options? We can assist you in navigating on exchange or off exchange options and sorting through the subsidy guidelines. With guarantee issue and no preexisting conditions limitations, obtaining health insurance has never been easier.

Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

They say you can’t take it with you, but you can say how and to whom you leave it; that’s where estate planning comes in. Estate planning is a very personal process. It involves looking closely at the things you believe in, how you feel about your family's future, how you want to accomplish your business transition goals, and how to leave your legacy. We can assist you in getting organized, both in your thoughts and on paper. Have a charity or cause that means a lot to you?  We can assist you in creating a legacy of giving and guide you through the tax advantages of doing so.

Tax Deferred Annuities

Avoid the up and down exposure of the stock market while enjoying safe and secure tax deferred growth that surpasses bank CD’s.  Annuities may be used as a simple and safe growth investment or a creative method of creating guaranteed income for yourself or a loved one.

Life Insurance

For 3 generations we have been assisting individuals in finding the right life insurance for their situation. Whether it is term, whole life, or universal life, we can explain, contrast and compare, and guide you to the best solution. Nothing is more rewarding for us than helping your families get their life insurance protection in place.

Medicare Supplements / Medicare Advantage

With so many mailers arriving in your mailbox and all of the advertisements on television, identifying your best option can be an overwhelming task. We can guide you through the process simply and accurately to make sure you understand what you have, and to provide you peace of mind.

Health Insurance Quick Quote

Select from the links below to run a quote and apply for individual health insurance in a matter of minutes.


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